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What about your brand protection? “Where does that sit in your plan?”

“I have a business idea” shouts one of your friends, hearing him say this overjoys your heart thinking he’s on his way to success. You calmly observe your friend’s excitement about this new innovative business plan. But as a trade mark attorney you cannot stop pointing out the obvious: what about your brand protection? “Where does that sit in your plan?” you ask.


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Top 6 reasons trade mark applications fail

Trademark Tribe works with ambitious small to medium sized companies who value their brand and would like to protect it. We will help keep your brand unique in the marketplace and to gain a successful trade mark registration.


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What Happens If You Fail To Register A Trade Mark

If you have been using your brand for a few years but have not registered it as a trade mark you are exposing your business to unnecessary risk. Another person or business may come along and register the trade mark and this means that someone else owns exclusive rights to the mark.


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What you can and can't register as a trade mark


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My Advice for Businesses Starting Out

In the course of my business dealings I’ve come across so many situations where hindsight would have been a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to the matter of trademarking your brand. 


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Why do you need to trade mark your business?


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Specsavers to trade mark SHOULD’VE


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The difference between copyright © and trade mark ®


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Trade Marks in the EU after the recent Brexit decision


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Top 3 Tips for Deciding on a Logo You Can Trade Mark


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