Specsavers to trade mark SHOULD’VE

Specsavers recently filed a trade mark in the UK for a series of two marks for SHOULD'VE and SHOULDVE [sic]. The application has been accepted by the UK Intellectual Property Office and will be published shortly for opposition purposes in the Trade Mark Journal. Specsavers has been very clever with their marketing and their catch phrase ‘Should’ve gone to Supersavers'. They are now taking the branding one step further and relying on consumers identifying them with the term SHOULD’VE. It is a very clever marketing move as now when someone uses the phrases ‘should’ve’ in a different way, it reinforces the brand as people will be unconsciously recognising Specsavers. Specsavers can of course now start marketing with just SHOULD’VE and everyone will fill in the ‘gone to Specsavers’. Whether one company should be able to monopolise a phrase does raise some interesting debates. Specsavers has monopolised the phrase for a long time now, so it is not really going to make a difference to anyone’s lives on a daily basis. Also it is registered for eyewear and related services so it does not mean that you can never ever use the phrase should’ve it just means that another optician cannot use this in relation to eyewear and related services. Its not the first time a big brand has monopolised a word - a famous brewery owns the trade mark PROBABLY. No prizes for guessing who which highlights the effectiveness of this type of marketing. So should big businesses be allowed to trade mark common phrases…. probably. Should your business trade mark... definitely! Trademark Tribe offers affordable and flat fee rate online trade mark registration services to help businesses protect their fantastic brands. Start with a search to see if your mark has been registered on our website and leave the application process in our expert hands.
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