Top 3 Tips for Deciding on a Logo You Can Trade Mark

1. Keep It Simple

For your image to make an impact, it needs to be striking and crisp enough to make an impact at a glance. Make a list of all the places that you want to use it (ie: website, email footer, business cards, LinkedIn) then ask your designer to make sure that he or she gives you the logo in appropriate formats and resolutions for each medium. You don’t want stretched or pixelated graphics when you’re trying to get your message across!

2. Think About Your Target Audience

If you’re providing services to financiers in the City, it’s unlikely that a chintzy image is going to work for you. Think about the type of people that you are hoping to sell to. Given the amount of free online networking and apps available, there’s absolutely no excuse for you not to check out the Pinterest / LinkedIn / Facebook groups that your target audience belongs to.

3. Make Sure It’s Unique

I have come across instances where a business believes that they have a unique logo, only to come across it on someone else’s business card. Turns out that the designer had supplied a stock shop image. Ask your Designer if they are designing your logo. If they are supplying a stock image check whether you have exclusive rights to the use, which means that you are the only one allowed to use it, or whether you have a non-exclusive license. A non-exclusive license means that the creator can sell the logo to many others.

The creator of the logo is also the copyright owner, many designers will assign the copyright over to you as a matter of course, if not do ask.

Check that it is not a registered trade mark as using someone else’s trade mark could land you in trouble even if you did not know. You can check on the UKIPO’s website or ask a trade mark attorney to undertake searches to make sure it is free to be registered.

How to trade mark your logo

Think about what you want to protect. This could be the words, the picture, font, colour or the logo as a whole. It is possible to apply for a trade mark yourself, however using a trade mark attorney will ensure you get the best possible protection. It does not have to be expensive either to get expert help.TrademarkTribe is an online trade mark registration firm which offers affordable flat fee rates and the option to pay in instalments. By registering your logo as a trade mark you gain ownership and exclusive rights and can prevent others from using your logo without your say so.

Trademark Tribe helps businesses protect their fantastic brands. Call Dale today on 0208 102 9871 or find further information on our website.

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