Search for existing trade marks

Before applying for a trade mark it is essential to make sure that it is not similar or identical to any trade mark that already exists.

As part of the application process Trademark Tribe will perform a search. If you are not quite ready to go ahead with an application you can order a search report. We can offer searches in any country that you require your brand to be registered in.

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Need help with your application

Objection to your application from the trade mark office

Have you already filed your application and received a report from that you require assistance with. We can help and have replied to hundreds of examination reports and successfully gained registrations for our clients. We can minimise the stress for our flat fee affordable rate.

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Opposition to your application from another business

Trademark Tribe has extensive experience of dealing with oppositions. This can be stressful for any business owner, and although we can’t stop you worrying we can guide you through the opposition process and try to make it as painless as possible.

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Enforce your rights

You are responsible for monitoring the way your trade mark is used and protecting it against infringement.

Have you discovered that a competitor is using your brand on products or services that you have a trade mark registration for? We can write to them to make them aware of your rights and request that they immediately cease and desist from infringing your registered rights.

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Watching services for your trade mark

After your trade mark is registered, we recommend that a watching service is set up. This will help you protect your brand against potential infringement, with the earliest notification available of any competitors who may try and register an identical or similar mark.

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Renew your trade mark

In most countries a trade mark registration can be renewed every 10 years. If you do not renew your trade mark it will lapse. You can renew it late but if not renewed within the grace period it will expire.

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New Trademarks

Protect your name or a logo by registering its trademark

Trademark Search

Trademark Filing 

Response to Examination Report 

Trademark Oppositions

Registered Trademarks

Do you already have a trademark, but need help protecting your rights? We can help

Trademark Watching 

Trademark Renewals 

Trademark Assignments

Customs & Border Protection

Trademark Enforcement

Maintain the value of your trademark by enforcing it

Cease and Desist 

Trademark Oppositions 

Trademark Cancellations

Infringement Lawsuits 



We handle all aspects of protecting your trademark and will be with you from filing to registration and looking after your trademark once registered.