An owner of a a registered trademark may include their trademark with Customs and Borders to assist in the prevention of the importation of goods that infringe registered marks. The recordation database includes information regarding all recorded marks, including images of these marks. Custom and Border protection officers monitor imports to prevent the importation of goods bearing infringing marks, and can access the recordation database at each of the ports of entry.

If the Border Agency detects suspect goods, it will detain them for ten working days and inform the trademark owner or their nominated representative. Before expiry of the ten working days the trademark owner must take steps to either reach an agreement with the owner to abandon the goods or initiate court proceedings to determine their IP status. If upon expiry of the period there is no agreement to abandon or proceedings have not been initiated the goods are liable to release. The trademark owner is responsible for the cost of the destruction of the goods but this is probably negligible to stop infringing goods being available and causing damage to your brand and your bottom line.

We can assist you with registering your trademark with the relevant Custom and Border Protection Agency.

If you have not registered your trademark and you do become aware of imported or exported goods, we can assist you to take action to detain the goods.

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